Friday, May 23, 2014

Synonym Twister

My students have always loved playing Twister. Any group I have ever had over the past 10 years of my teaching career have loved Twister. About 8 years ago I started creating educational Twisters. I bought three Twister games and made a Synonym, Antonym and Homophone Twister. I would choose pairs of words and write one on the mat and one on the spinner. Kids loved it!

Now, we have Smart Boards. I love creating things on the Smart Board more than anything. It is so much fun to create and test it for myself and introduce it to my kids. That first day I have kids use a presentation or play a game is the most fun for all of us.

Over the years I have lost a Spinner or two. As I learned more and more about the Smart Board I figured out that I cold transform the spinner into what I needed.

My Teachers Pay Teachers store has a free antonym Spinner, as well as, a homophone and synonym spinner for sale, Click one of the links below to have a look!

Synonym Twister Spinner          Homophone Twister Spinner          Free Antonym Twister Spinner


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