Sunday, May 11, 2014


Do you Edmodo?
The 2013- 2014 school year was the first year I really used Edmodo with my students. We used it mostly for a reading response area for Science and Social Studies. We did however post math riddles to each other a couple of times and I did post the links to games I thought the students would both enjoy and benefit from.

Some of the mistakes I learned from were during the sign up process. I sent home notices and had parents and children sign themselves up at home. I had to sign up some students who would only be using Edmodo at school. Thank goodness I did. It took about two weeks to get the students all signed up. I did not know exactly what their user names and passwords were and I had to use more days for communications to parents about those things. Fortunately, I learned from signing up the students I did that next year I will sign up all of the students and assign them very easy user names and passwords that they will use with everything I sign them up for at school. Don't gasp....these are not things that contain personal information and students in the second grade really do not have anything a hacker wants to steal. The students  assisted were able to begin using Edmodo immediately.

I love blogs where teachers share what they have learned concerning technology in school so I have put together a "How To" concerning signing your students up for Edmodo. I hope you find it helpful. If you are considering Edmodo, this might help you decide.

As a teacher I was able to enjoy the knowledge and fruits of the exploration of other teachers by joining groups with teachers who shared. We will leave that for another day though.

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!

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