Thursday, October 16, 2014

Turning Non-Fiction Into a Play


Writing Science and Loving It!

Once upon a time there was a lovely second grade class! It was time to begin Earth Science and learn about the Sun, Earth and Moon. the students were so excited, but alas the science book only had a few pages about the topic. They wanted more, they demanded more! so their teacher decided that they should do the research for the information they wanted. 
All of the students were given an index card and told, "go forth and seek out the knowledge! Find five fun new facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon and we shall call them "Fun Facts" and they shall be FUN!!"
The students went and searched through text, internet articles, and videos and then gathered again to discuss their findings.
The class made a chart and organized these facts.Some of their facts were the same and some were different. They weeded through the facts and turned them into a play. They rehearsed in class and practiced at home. The teacher was excited because of their fluency and increased science vocabulary, but was astounded at what happened in the end. The students practiced and practiced, some practiced so much they didn't need their scripts! Some practiced so much even though they used their scripts they were confident in their reading! The teacher made a small stage at the front of the room and dressed the children up in quick paper costumes and many stars were born!

Earth, Moon and Sun Play
It was a great day to be a second grader in
Ms. Hagan's class!


Have you Tellagami-ed?

I should have named this blog "My New Favorite Thing"! 


Tellagami is an app you can download for your Ipad, Iphone or android. You may choose an avatar and dress it up, choose hair and skin color and even the size of it's head! 
How is this educational?
I will let my student's work speak for itself!



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