Saturday, May 17, 2014

Learning Addition Facts

I have no magic tricks to post. I just wanted to share a little end of the school year happiness. In my neck of the woods we had many assessments. We have five days left with children and are not completely done with them. But every now and then there is a glimmering moment. I suppose as their teacher I should have focused on their achievement. I wasn't. I was focused on there beautiful smiles and sparkly eyes that came shining through the dark assessment abyss. The occasion followed a series of center games and quizzes that students were to pass to show they knew their addition facts to ten. They had the privilege of having a "pie in the face". This was really whip cream in a paper plate. As simple as this sounds, as it turns out, this is a magic potion. Have a look:

One student said "Best day ever!" I was so glad they were able to have a moment of happiness before they leave me to go on to their next teacher.

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