Sunday, July 19, 2015


How to Make a Gorgeous Kahoot! And How to Collect Data!

     Some of you know that you can search for already made Kahoots for your students. Some of you are saying, I don't have time to make a Kahoot! I have a compulsion to make all things my students do. I truly do not have time for that. BUT, when you make something with technology, you have it for years. So, I enjoy being a Kahoot nerd and making my own Kahoots. If you are deciding right about now that you will never want t make a Kahoot, please feel free to use the ones I make. I would love it actually. You can find them all easily right here. If you love using easy data, the last two slides talk about how to get data from Kahoots. So here we go!

     First of all. If you go to create a Kahoot, you go to When you play you go to If your students want to use the ghost feature they should be signed up. We are a BYOD school and I have learned over the years it really saves time and confusion if you go ahead ad sign the kiddos up for the things you want them to do. Simply let the parents know which apps they need to install on their devices.

Back on Task! Here is a Quick and Pretty Kahoot!

This is my cover page that credits the adorable clip art!
Thank you guys!

And the other presentation used:

Friday, July 17, 2015

You Tube

Do You You Tube?

     I have discovered a great love of You Tube this year. I have had my students show their expertise in a variety of products. A couple are actual videos and one is a Tellagami, which saves like a video.
We have done parts of speech, fun facts about animals, read a loud thanksgiving stories and plays about the sun, moon and stars. On my channel I have folders for each student and any work they produce is saved into that folder for their parents to enjoy. Because honestly, when kids make a video, it is just fun stuff. I can't think of any funner way to showcase a students work and show parents what their students are doing. 

What Have We Done So Far?

      We described inquiry skills we use for Science.

    We have done paper slide videos about nouns. this is where the student uses several pages of drawings to explain their understanding.

     We wrote a play using fun facts that we researched on our devices.

     We made finger puppet plays using compound words.

     We made Tellagamis of researched facts about animals. These facts were also researched on devices and computers. Some of the students used library books also.
    Then we read Thanksgiving stories that were produced from Reading A-Z. We put them on the projector and the students took turns reading aloud.

Check more of our work out here:

What's Next?

Christmas Reader's Theatre!

Stay tuned! 


     I have declared it Pam's Periscope day! Periscope is an app you can get fro the iTunes store or the Google app store. I am listening to my second broadcast. Not mine, oh no! Not yet! I am watching Lucky Little Learners and Popping Into Primary. They are talking about blogging. As they speak there are 154 other teachers weighing in on the topic! It is so cool. Try it!  If you go here, you will find many other people to follow. Follow me at Pam Hagan!

Monday, May 25, 2015

This Has Nothing to do With Technology But Everything to do With LIFE!

Georgia Shape

Our school won a Georgia Shape School Physical and Nutrition Grant. We received $3,000 dollars to spend on a garden and have a chef come in and prepare new recipes. The recipes were voted on and will be added to the menu.

My Friend and colleague Kathy Faletto was asked to have her class and one other second grade class plant and maintain a garden. I had the honor of being that other class. 

This is the story of our experience. We planted our seeds into the little pod holders and waited, and waited. My friend Mrs. Faletto's seed were turning into plants. Her husband, who is a horticulturist, came to my room and said that My seedlings might not be getting enough light and were probably not warm enough. I found a lamp and asked the custodian to hang it up where it would shine on the plants, I found an old square of material and put it underneath and on Friday afternoon, when I wouldn't suffer, I cranked my heat up as high as it would go.

This happened almost overnight! Well, over a weekend.
Then came the day for putting the soil in the planters.

On the second day we planted our little seedlings.

We took turns watering.
Then, food appeared. Our students loved their garden and loved caring for their garden.


You can read a post and see the other class involved here.

Georgia Shape School Physical Activity and Nutrition Grants (Click on Link to see original post and if relevant apply for a grant)

Georgia Shape will award grants to public elementary, middle, and high schools to expand and enhance their physical activity and nutrition efforts to improve outcome measures associated with the Georgia School Health and Physical Education Act and nutritional guidelines outlined by the USDA’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HKFKA) and other related federal laws.  Schools may apply for funding to address the nutrition requirements OR the nutrition and physical activity requirements of these acts. 

You can read more about it here: