Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Take on a Pinterist Idea

I seem to admire so many Pinterest ideas and for over a year now I have been gathering and gathering ideas that make very pretty boards. This last week of school I have used two of the ideas. I changed the around a bit, but my students enjoyed them and therefore were engaged. This is no easy task considering it is the last week of school and we have a Reading Counts celebration, an end of the year party, and a last day of school pizza lunch. Pfew!

Well the first idea that I want to share was an idea from my technology board.

This is from another blogger and their blog is located here :

Who's Who and Who's New
It is a wonderful resource for ideas using technology.

Another blogger did it this way;
I am not certain who the last picture came from, but they also had the QR codes leading to a blog containing the children's work. 
I love both of these ideas and next year having the children blog in the classroom is on my list of new things I plan to add to my routine.

But this year, I mixed  the two ideas and came up with these;

Or rather my children came up with these. They made self portraits and their portraits are holding IPODS with QR codes on them. These QR codes lead to messages for the new students I will have next year. This means I have to keep them safe all summer!
The messages greet my new students and tell them about the things they will like about second grade and being in my class. The children wrote about math, science, social studies, Edmodo, writing and reading. I will post a banner that reads "Welcome to Second Grade, messages from Last Year's Hagan's Heroes". I am very excited and think this will be fun for parent's to do with their children Open House. My hope is that this gives the feeling of a strong technological presence.

Next year I hope to have my students blog and call it online portfolios and use the QR codes to lead to their work for others to view. But I love the idea of messages to future students.
Any comments? I would love feedback or any ideas that anyone may have concerning these QR code projects. 

Oh yes, the other Pinterest idea I will share another day.


  1. Love this idea! What site did you use to record the children's voices to turn into a QR code? I wanted to do self-portraits that stayed up all year and change the codes every other month--some months linking to a website/blog of the child's work but some months have it link to an audio file.