Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 5 Engineering Day

Engineering Day

                                                                  AKA Build it Day!

     First we made some Marshmallow Shooters. We used this video. Quirky Momma's Marshmallow Shooters. As with many other endeavors we learned a lesson or two. If you do these follow the video exactly. You can not use a larger cup unless the balloons you use are big.

     Then we tried our hands at The Marble Run again (we tried it earlier in the year). The students did a much better job building and were much more imaginative. The only materials we used were recyclables and tape. The following link contains the instructions we used.

The entire second grade participated in an Egg Drop. 

 We made Paper Helicopters.

We also made Catapults. We were moving to fast for pictures though.

While eating lunch in the classroom we were entertained by Physics Girl. Below is a playlist that kept most of my students engaged even though some of the vocabulary was for an older child. Her presentation is very interesting and understandable.

My Favorite Physics Girl Videos

We also enjoy The Crazy Russian Hacker

This was a great day!

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