Monday, January 25, 2016

Hundredth Day Fun!

Today was the hundredth day of school. For the first time, I tried to make it as much like a party as academically possible.
We started our day with interactive number lines. Students were all given different numbers to begin with and then were to add or subtract one hundred or ten from their starting numbers.

Next we had several centers that they played based on one hundred. They had to build a cup tower out of one hundred cups. Each group was trying to build the tallest tower. As you will see the final pictures show the group that achieved their goal.

We also bundled straws into groups of ten to then group into hundreds.

The students built towers out of toilet paper rolls also.

They put one hundred gummy bears into a cup using only a straw.

They wrote 100 adjectives on balloons. They learned to use

They also wrote 100 verbs on our super hero capes. Because they are, after all, Heroes!

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