Friday, July 17, 2015

You Tube

Do You You Tube?

     I have discovered a great love of You Tube this year. I have had my students show their expertise in a variety of products. A couple are actual videos and one is a Tellagami, which saves like a video.
We have done parts of speech, fun facts about animals, read a loud thanksgiving stories and plays about the sun, moon and stars. On my channel I have folders for each student and any work they produce is saved into that folder for their parents to enjoy. Because honestly, when kids make a video, it is just fun stuff. I can't think of any funner way to showcase a students work and show parents what their students are doing. 

What Have We Done So Far?

      We described inquiry skills we use for Science.

    We have done paper slide videos about nouns. this is where the student uses several pages of drawings to explain their understanding.

     We wrote a play using fun facts that we researched on our devices.

     We made finger puppet plays using compound words.

     We made Tellagamis of researched facts about animals. These facts were also researched on devices and computers. Some of the students used library books also.
    Then we read Thanksgiving stories that were produced from Reading A-Z. We put them on the projector and the students took turns reading aloud.

Check more of our work out here:

What's Next?

Christmas Reader's Theatre!

Stay tuned! 

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