Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 6 Family Day

Family Day!

We had a small celebration just before Mother's Day. We called it Family Day. The students could invite guests and it could be anybody who could make it. We sang songs and made a small video.

Watch the video here:
Family Day 

We made them gifts. We looked up many ideas on Pinterest. This is the board I made to show the kids.  Family Day Ideas. This is the post that we finally voted on to use their idea.
Our Family Day Gifts came from this post.


We invited them to have some refreshments and watch our video and receive their gifts.
We also played a Kahoot where we used the students Tellagami's to give clues about who they were and the students helped their parents play. It was a very fun time!

I called it Guess the Precious Player Game! I cannot put a link here, but here are their Tellagamis!
Family Day Tellagamis
Each question was "Guess the precious player!" and I uploaded each Tellagami and listed 4 students to choose from. A good time was had by all!

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