Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Fun

Some Last Day Before Christmas Break Fun

     The last day before Christmas break was a little relaxing, a little like a zoo, and a lot of fun. We Started our day finishing a Christmas Carol book. Every year I give the children a book full of songs, and include a Table of contents, index and glossary. The students will fill in all of the information and freely choose the words that go in the glossary and the index from the songs in the book. Then we went to a Christmas Extravaganza where we watched dancing, singing, jump roping and teachers leading this variety of performers. It is a great show. Then on to specials (music, art and PE). Afterwards we followed along in our books to a Christmas CD that matches. Every year I give the students a cd that matches their book. then we all had pizza lunch in the room and watched a 
Christmas movie. After that we began reading plays. Their homework the last week before Christmas was to read their parts nightly and we would make videos they could share with their families over Christmas break. We did not have time to make props or costumes (which I would usually make out of paper) and many children were absent, so we were very relaxed in our performances. All of the students say they enjoy doing plays, some of them love it. I call it a reading fluency activity. We share our fun:

Christmas Story Time with Hagan's Heroes

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