Saturday, September 13, 2014

Expanding Ideas

I have blogged before about my dear friend at work(Kathy Faletto) that always expands on good ideas. Well, her and I worked together on Another Take On A Pinterest Idea. Last Spring we asked our exiting second graders to write messages to the incoming second graders. They made construction paper self portraits and we put their messages on QR codes and hung them in the hallway for our Meet and Greet. My idea was to have them write messages about their favorite things in second grade. But Kathy expanded on that and had her students write about specific parts of her classroom. 
Well, this year my wonderful friend  came up with a new and exciting twist. She has made paper slide videos and placed them on You Tube in their prospective folders. She took pictures of her students, had them make construction paper bodies and added a QR code for the folders of their work. She can leave these up and simply continue to compile their work in the existing folders without ever having to change their QR codes.
Here is her hallway display:

I can't wait to steal this idea!

Super kudos Kathy Faletto!


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