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Paper slide Videos Are My New FAVORITE Thing!

Paper slide Videos Are 

My New FAVORITE Thing!

Last year was the first year that my school was full throttle BYOD. I wanted to do something more than just play games on websites. Although I did want to do that too, I just really wanted to use the technology for more direct projects and activities. So last year, I focused on Edmodo. I made a couple of quizzes and a couple of surveys. But my favorite thing was to have my children do reading responses and then make comments on the posts of their classmates. Later, we all learned how to add pictures to our posts and write about our pictures. I felt good about my class projects and the kids really enjoyed it. 

Then, one of my teammates told me that she wanted to do more with technology and wanted some help with Edmodo. I was so glad to have someone interested in something I was interested in! It is so much fun to bounce ideas off of someone else and sharing just makes everything more worthwhile. Another friend at school told me about her grandson's teacher at another school and encouraged me to get in touch with her about technology.  So my teammate and I decided it would fun and we wanted to know more, so I contacted Mrs. Jessi Anderson and she was so nice and agreed to meet with us and share ideas immediately. We were so excited. 

We met at a local coffee and talked about several different aspects of BYOD and several resources she was fond of. I will share those in the future as I get to work with them. Today, I want to talk about the paper slide videos. She used them for Mother's Day Gifts. They were adorable. First she assigned the project. Her students illustrated their mother's character over the span of several sheets of paper and Mrs. Anderson video taped them talking about each picture one at a time. Then she uploaded them to You Tube and sent each parent the link to their child's project.

I used them with my students to practice nouns. My second graders made a cover page introducing their project and one page each for a person,place and thing. They ended their projects with an ending page. I video taped them and some had to be done and redone because, well because I was learning. Some came out sideways or upside down. Others came out with just the media player sign and I could hear the student's but could not see them. Those I later learned (from volunteer high school students that I am so very thankful for) that they could be opened with Movie Maker and then saved again and they would work just fine.
Below is the link to.....


My students were very excited to watch their videos and very kindly clapped for each other.

I started very simple. But these projects are going to provide all students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge without writing a book. I hope in time it will give them the confidence to tackle larger projects and perhaps even happily throw in some captions, diagrams, and graphs....Oh my!

Next week:
The Tools I Use For Science Inquiry

Below you will find a link to Mrs. Anderson's school videos. She has a variety of video projects that are very interesting and enjoyable to watch. I have also included a link to her Teachers Pay Teachers store, just for fun.   Thank you Jessi Anderson!

Jessi Anderson"s School Videos      Jessi Anderson's Store   

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